Application of ultrasound on meat tenderization: A review

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  • Ahmed Abdirahman Ahmed City University of Mogadishu


Meat, meat tenderization, aging, ultrasound


Recently, there has been a lot of interest in utilizing ultrasound to tenderize meat. Since it can disturb the microstructure of the muscle and activate the enzymes that soften meat, this approach may improve the tenderness of the meat. A summary of the main conclusions from a number of studies looking into how ultrasound affects meat tenderization is given in this review. The findings suggest that ultrasound has the potential to transform the meat processing sector and considerably increase the tenderness of meat. To get consistent and acceptable results for various meat varieties and cuts, it’s essential to maximize ultrasonic parameters such as frequency, intensity, and exposure time. The encouraging outcomes imply that ultrasound is a useful technique for raising consumer satisfaction and meat quality.