Characterization of water chestnut starch – xanthan gum complexes influenced by the addition of sucrose at different levels

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  • Zubala Lutfi University of Karachi
  • Qudsiyah Kalim
  • Abeera Moin


Water chestnut starch was extracted under alkaline conditions. It was investigated how the presence of sucrose affected the rheological, functional, and thermal characteristics of both native water chestnut starch (WCS) and the complex of xanthan gum and water chestnut starch (WCS/XG). The levels of sucrose used in the study varied from 10 to 30% due to the frequent concentration ranges employed in desserts prepared in eastern countries. Total polysaccharide concentration employed for the study was 5% (w/w, db) of water chestnut starch–xanthan gum dispersions (at mixing ratio of 9.7/0.3). It was found that swelling power, freeze thaw stability of both WCS and WCS/XG complex increased in the presence of sucrose at concentration below 30% while, water absorption was decreased significantly. All WCS samples showed a noticeable rise in paste viscosity when sucrose was added. The onset, peak, final temperature and enthalpy of gelatinization for all water chestnut starch/xanthan complexes and WCS dispersions with sucrose were found to be increased significantly with increase in level of sucrose addition.