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  3. Volatile compounds of cvs Magliocco Canino and Dimrit grape seed oils
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Onur Sevindik Gamze Guclu Gamze Guclu Gamze Guclu Hasim Kelebek Serkan Selli

Volatile compounds of cvs Magliocco Canino and Dimrit grape seed oils

Yields and aroma profiles of “Magliocco Canino” and “Dimrit” grape (Vitis vinifera L.) seed oils (GSO) obtained by a soxhlet extraction were studied in the basis of a comparative evaluation. The oil yield was much higher in Italian Magliocco canino GSO (15.8%) when compared to Turkish Dimrit variety (7.5%). A dynamic headspace purge-and-trap (DHS-P&T) methodology used for the identification and quantification of volatile compounds of GSOs. The number of identified aroma compounds and their concentrations were considerably high in Magliocco canino GSO. A total of 40 volatile compound were detected in Magliocco canino GSO while Dimrit GSO possessed 28 volatiles. The aroma groups identified in GSOs were alcohols, esters, acids, terpenes, ketones, aldehydes, lactones and volatile phenols. In both GSO samples, alcohols were the dominant aroma group possessing the 72.5% and 63.8% of total aroma concentrations in Magliocco canino and Dimrit varieties, respectively. In both GSO samples, 2-hexanol and 3-hexanol were the most abundant aroma compounds. Magliocco canino GSO possessed 10565μg/kg and 8400μg/kg while Dimrit GSO contained 16616μg/kg and 13840μg/kg of 3-hexanol and 2-hexanol concentration, respectively. Among aroma profiles of GSO samples, the most apparent difference was the higher number of identified volatile phenols in Dimrit variety.